Friday, March 25, 2011

There's just one thing you should know

 ................before you can go and make the perfect energy-boosting breakfast
The difference between complete and incomplete proteins.
Meat, eggs, fish, tofu, milk and cheese are complete,
While oats, nuts and seeds, rye, beans and the like are incomplete.

One should eat complete proteins with each meal.

But this doesn't mean adding fish or cheese to everything

Rather that incomplete proteins shouldn't be eaten alone.

Instead, add another, different incomplete protein to the meal 

One slice of toast with humous

For instance the other with peanut butter

And the problem is solved.

It's a rule vegetarians especially should take note of
This might not be your idea of the perfect energy breakfast
So enjoy what you like one or two days a week
Then eat what you should for the rest of the week maybe.
Maybe not.................. just enjoy life eating what you like in moderation
Life is so short
So busy, so rushed, so enjoy what you eat whatever that turns out to be!

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