Friday, March 11, 2011

Your stars

Today many astrologers use tables to determine their subjects star and the likely influences upon them

In ancient times the ambient or entire heavens - were considered at birth as being that which affected man

Planets were only seen as pointers or indices showing when and where the influence of the ambient would be felt

Modern astrologers for the most part would have no idea what the ambient means let alone how to calculate it

So today they talk about the influence of the planets

They have therefore come to leave out, to a great extent, influences cast by powerful stars which often produce effects not to be found under the planets

When such stars impact someone nothing can prevent its power or influence

Planets in those days were only held to be foci's for the influence of the whole ambient

So the next time someone offers to read your stars just ask them if they can read the ambient

So much has been lost and yet we still see ourselves as knowledgeable

Such has ever been the arrogance of the ignorant

Yes, your stars mean a lot but the ambient tells us so much more

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