Friday, May 27, 2011

False separation

The more we dominate
The more we own

The more we control

The more separate we experience ourselves to be from everything.

The more separate we are from each other

The greater the urge to further dominate

The greater the urge to own more

The greater the urge to control more.

Quite ironic really


Because we are attempting to grab, to take, that which is already ours

And just what is already ours?


We are more than we know

We actually in odd moments experience this.

How do I know this?

That we are more?

I know it in the same way you do.

Certain moments have shown me.

They came unexpectedly


Into my life that certainty that I am more

That I am part of everything

Certainly you have had this feeling as well

Probably pushed it away

Feeling alone again in your separation
You are already more did you but reflect

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