Sunday, May 01, 2011

Nasty or nice Human Nature?

We all know about human nature

We have been told over and over how basically wicked we are

It is just human nature

And so on and so forth many variations on the theme that human nature is not very nice

Do we really know human nature though?

Or do we unthinkingly trot out this expression without thought as to whether or not it is true?

Long ago man had an innate divinty

Man was part of nature

Part of God if you will

Native American Indians lived in and as a part of nature

They knew a harmony we have seldom experienced

Then along came the separation

Man was no longer in any sense an incarnation of divine life

But suddenly he was of another nature entirely

An earthly, mortal nature

And the earth itself was now clay.

Matter and spirit had begun to separate.

Springing out of this we have in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions preaching a concept of sinning against God

A nice little earner, which runs to this day

A concept that makes us all sinners

Add to this the dubious ridiculous idea of original sin

Ever thought why would any loving God have you born guilty and full of original sin?

No way, none ever did

A nice little earner though for all the Churches

This teaching is entirely separate from nature's order or harmony

And not only separate, but often directly opposed

Spirituality came to mean conquering the flesh

Whose desires were opposed to the elevation of the spirit

A program to overcome our unruly inner nature

Or as we started out our "human nature."

No it is not naturally like this

There is no original sin

No there is no natural separation of body, mind and spirit

Yes, over many generations there is all kinds of brainwashing

Yes, religion as practised today would still have us believe these warped things

So think about your nature

Your human nature is fine

Start thinking about it that way please

Let go of these false ideas
Religious institutions have come to represent the precise opposite of what the original rites, myths, and teachings intended.
Which was to bring us back to a state of harmony with the natural order
Especially with our natural selves
Our true being.
Our  true human nature
Despite the best efforts of social institutions to coopt religion to its purposes of control
The original intent and message of the religious founders lives on
Often buried beneath layers of dogma and interpretation.
Every once in a while reformers see through the dogma and remind us of the principles of the Original Religion, animism.
In Jesus's case, the teaching was almost immediately turned into its exact opposite:
"I am God and so are you" was turned into "Jesus is God and you are not," recreating the same division and duality that Jesus taught against.
This and other religious teachings in other religions try to bury our better natural natures
Start living as if you love life and yourself
And your fellow man
Let go of guilt and hypocrisy
Enough of the human created nasty human nature rubbish

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