Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No thought about time

Because it just is, time just is

Except of course when we don't have enough of it

Or have too much time

Or when we are saving time

Wasting time

Maybe using the time

How about looking at time differently

Not as something to use, waste or save

Try looking at time as a gift

Time only bieing really true in this moment now

Everything past is gone

Everything to come is unknown even if you think you know you do not

Let time be your experience of now

Because time in the now is all that we can know to be true

However among prominent philosophers, there are two distinct viewpoints on time.

One view is that time is part of the fundamental structure of the universeunive, a dimension in which events occur in sequence. 
Sir Isaac Newton subscribed to this realist view, and hence it is sometimes referred to as Newtonian time.
Time travel, in this view, becomes a possibility as other "times" persist like frames of a film strip, spread out across the time line.
The opposing view is that time does not refer to any kind of "container" that events and objects "move through", nor to any entity that "flows"
But that it is instead part of a fundamental intellectual structure (together with space and number within which humans sequence and compare events.
This second view, in the tradition of Gottfried Leibniz and Immanuel Kant, holds that time is neither an event nor a thing, and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be travelled.
Whatever our views of time, we can only live in this moment now however we choose to think of it
And that is the greatest help you can also give to letting go of your fears
Because if you live in this moment now you are not worrying about things
Your mind is in this moment now nowhere else
And that takes away stress
And that in turn makes life more comfortable............ enjoyable even

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