Friday, May 20, 2011


If we look at Hindu burial customs we can see how there is a strong belief in an afterlife

Other religions too in their original teachings all taught karma and reincarnation

They all believed in an afterlife

A spiritual life was part of everybody's life

Today in the West it is almost poor form to even use the word spiritual

Spirits are ha ha not real

Spiritual is for flaky people

Even the Christian church hardly talks about the spirit any longer

The holy trinity has come down to body and mind

There is little knowledge of what the spirit is even

In polite society it is not cool to talk about this subject

The above lays bare a deep cultural prejudice

Which is that matters of spirit are in a separate realm from life in this world

Things of the spirit are somehow separate from the here and now.

Well for the record we all have a spirit

This spirit is our higher guide, our higher self

It is that voice that people call intuition

it is that sudden feeling not to do something

Not to go there

Not to do it

Women will on sight not trust someone, or conversely they will like someone

That is their spirit talking to them

To have more conscious access to our spirit is very, very cool


Because this allows us to know and see the truth of things

Our spirit does not lie

It does not play games

It is honest

However to access it is not so easy

It is only approachable if we give up our bad habits

Essentially when we lift our thoughts and interests above the belly button

When we clean up our act

When we sincerly truly decide to grow and to be better people

Then we can learn to listen to our spirit

To bring it into our daily life

To trust it's wisdom and guidance.
Then and only then can you feel yourself more relaxed
Because with a better relationship to our spirit comes peace of mind
Can you think of anything else you would rather have?

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