Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tinkering with nature

When our science was simpler so were the risks in many ways

Today and tomorrow that is no longer true

Tinkering with nature is getting more dangerous

As if hell bent on self destruction the benefits are described in glowing terms and the negatives downplayed

Sadly it is those we have not thought of that really do the damage

Time to slow down and think a bit more

Not possible where money and perceived short term gain are King

And that is where we are today

Like frozen rabbits in a car's headlights 

A thought could we change our biology?

Some scientists say we can now modify our DNA through our thoughts, emotions and beliefs

If this is true then we can literally become what we want to be

Free from our biology

Free to move to a nicer, kinder us

Free to create ourselves.

But then again we could become even worse than we are now

Just think of your worst nightmare human and magnify it further than you thought

No thank you!

On second thoughts let's stay with the nicer human

Here we enter the crux of all technical advances

There is always a flip side

Always a negative scenario or possibility

Unfortunately the pace we are going at means that the negative is often upon us before we can react or understand where the so called advance is leading us

And yet even if we do try to prevent it there is usually someone somewhere who goes ahead anyway

Where we are today with stem cells and other 'advances' means that these are ever more pressing issues

Issues that will most likely be addressed once the genie is out of the bottle

Once the aspect no one thought becomes apparent

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