Monday, June 27, 2011

Quietly changing

Almost without notice

More and more devices are touch screen

From ticket machines to windows to tablet computers touch screens are becoming more and more prevalent

Meaning that we are learning and getting used to touch screens

The next generation of young people will expect screens to be touch sensitive

For tablets and the like touch screens offer so much more

touch screen device changes the way applications are designed because programmers can allow multi-touch controls and let users zoom in and out using their fingers. 

Add in an accelerometer, which tells the tablet which way up it is, and apps can take account of that too, offering different displays based on whether the device is held in portrait or landscape configuration.
What at first can seem like a gimmick is in fact a profound change.
Young children whose early experiences of technology have been with smartphones and tablets now expect every screen to respond to their touch. 
It won’t be long before they all do.

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