Saturday, June 04, 2011

Who is he in your life?

The older man or woman in your life?

Do you have one?

Someone you trust

Someone wiser

More experienced



Someone who has your best interests at heart

Someone of the same sex is important

As is someone of the opposite sex

If you have one of each that is great however for most of us one person of our own sex is enough

As we get older friends drop away

Our lives diverge

Our interests are different

So having that older person in our lives can be so helpful in gaining an insight

Understanding of our plight or situation from another perspective

It can also help keep us out of trouble

Yet to have such a person means that we have also sustained the relationship

Not just coming along in our time of need and yelling help me

You wouldn't would you?

You didn't did you?

That would be just a little bit selfish

No if we would like an older input then we should also nurture that relationship

Do you, have you?

Time to think about it

Who is in your life, or who could be

Someone who you respect and trust

Come to think of it whose company you enjoy

Sometimes it is important to get away from those around us

To enter another's world

To slow down and look at ourselves and our life from a different perspective

Think about this and find such a person in your life

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