Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 little steps

That can and will make a difference
The following are not deep nor are they complex
It is something that we can all do
1. Giving
Do things for others without being asked - volunteer to work for a charity or similar organisaton in your spare time.
2. Mixing
Connect more with people - get in touch with friends with whom you have lost contact. Go our and meet new people
3. Exercising
Take care of your body it is the only one you have and without good health life is very different - choose some activity where your body gets some good exercise.
4. Appreciating
Notice the world around you - take time to appreciate wildlife in your area - not only that appreciate what you have not what you don't..
5. Growing
Keep learning new things - keep growing it is essential to our well being and for sure your mind appreciates being stretched.
6. Direction
Think about where you want to go in life - plan a direction then live it, live life in the context of what you want to get from life.
7. Resilience
We all get knocked down by life - find ways to bounce back - learn from defeats - do things better in the future - guard your self esteem.
8. Emotion
These go up and down - be busy, be active - focus on the good in your life - take a positive approach - let go of yesterday it's gone - move on - look forward not back..
9. Acceptance
Be comfortable with who you are - learn to actively like yourself - do not dwell on your weaknesses - change them .
10. Meaning
We are all here for a reason - join in - make your contribution - be part of something bigger - join a society or club. 

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