Sunday, September 04, 2011

Some little things that might not be so little..................

Do 20 push-ups before speaking in anger

Leave work at work

Don’t befriend anyone that isn’t trustworthy

Don’t envy others

Have your oil changed regularly

Take foods rich in vitamin C before you catch a cold

Don’t work more than 8 hours per day

Weed your garden weekly

Wash your car weekly

Have a spring cleaning month every year, and do one room at a time

You don’t need to be best friends with work colleagues, but build respectful partnerships

Don’t drink and drive

Don’t look for reasons to be angry or sad, look for reasons to be happy. You’ll always be able to find plenty of each.

Be friendly with your neighbours

Return emails and phone messages promptly

Schedule in free time for yourself

Don’t procrastinate

Do what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it

Be more flexible when you’re able to be

Forgive and forget. End of story.
Break the consumer habit…put a three month moratorium in place on buying anything not deemed a necessity

Start your diet on September 1, rather than January 1, so that you won’t also have holiday pounds to lose

Take care of any health issues or concerns

Have your tires rotated

Have your brakes checked

Have your eyes checked

Don’t let your imagination run away with you

Let go of perfection in others

Let go of perfection in yourself

Don’t try to help those that refuse to help themselves

Find a way to reduce your commute to work

Have an alloted amount of worry time per day/week, that you strictly abide by

Drink more water

Eat more salmon

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill

Wear your hair in a classic, easy to care for style

Finish what you start

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that never go out of style

Create a daily consciousness to smile more

Slow down

Allow your children to grow up

If a relationship is over, let it go

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