Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Total avoidance

In Britain political parties have been indulging in their annual conferences.

A time of posturing and booze.

None feel any need to address the drug problem in the UK.

And yes there is a big problem.

Chief amongst these being the high consumption of alcohol.

None of the three parties wish to consider changes to present laws

All would prefer not to notice the injustice and stupidity of those present laws.

Alcohol is legal

Marijuana is not

Tobacco is legal

Cocaine and other recreational drugs are not

All are consumed throughout British society

Alcohol and tobacco account for considerably more cancers, heart attacks, liver problems than all the other drugs combined

Question if cocaine and heroin are illegal then why not alcohol?

That if they do less damage, see various reports on this, then why not legalise them?
Not one political party will mention the subject of drugs.

Not one is fighting to address the nonsense of current drug policies.

Not one makes any connection with people drinking or doing drugs out of despair at their lives.
Not one makes any connection with gangs or other anti-social behaviour.

Obviously not one mentions the failure of repeated governments to tackle the causes of higher drug use.

Not one mentions the nonsense of locking young people up in prison for smoking joints while you can legally buy any amount of strong spirits, which are much more harmful

Then we have the PR spin and lies about recreational drugs and their dangers, and then wonder why young people have so little respect for politicians.
My own thoughts are that we should look at reality objectively.
Humans have and always will use recreational highs.
Humans will always look for ways of dulling pains.
Prohibition does not work.
Has never worked.
Locking up and criminalising more and more of society does not seem a very intelligent approach.

Let us now try something different.
All drugs should be legalised.
All should be sold with the same strictures as tobacco or alcohol.

All should be treated as health issues and not criminal issues.

We have had enough lies, deceit and avoidance towards this issue.

It will not go away.

It will not get better in our current climate of few jobs for the young, high debt levels for many and the other realities of a country in depression.

British politicians refuse to notice or draw lessons from other countries who have reduced their drug problems substantially through more enlightened policies.
Why would this be?
Any one listening?

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