Friday, December 16, 2011

e-coli fallout

What is most suspicious about this latest strain of e-coli found in Germany isn't its matrix of 

antibiotics resistance. 

What's truly suspect is the precision of the political and economic fallout. 

Uncontrolled production of organic foods becomes suspect.

Drawing organics more tightly into the regulatory process. 

The legitimacy of regulating private and homegrown food production is heightened and 

becomes less subject to question. 

Permaculture, and its related social movements, are marginalized.

Rendering them "radical" rather than a lifestyle that one might choose happily and without 


Those who oppose the encroachment of high tech verification and control mechanisms are 


If this strain of e-coli was accidental, why are the benefits so clear and compelling for the 

global institutions of food control?

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