Saturday, December 24, 2011

From the Master KH

..................................but I was at several different times, elsewhere,tho neither in astral nor in any other tangible form, but simply in thought.

Believe me there comes a moment in the life of an adept, when the hardships he has passed thro' are a thousand fold rewarded. 

In order to acquire further knowledge he has no more to go thro a minute and slow process of investigation of various objects, but is accorded an instantaneous, implicit insight into every first truth.

Having passed that stage of philosophy which maintains that all fundamental truths have sprung from a blind impulse.
It is the philosophy of your sensationalists or positivists; and left far behind him that other class of 

The intellectualists or skeptics who hold that fundamental truths are derived from the intellect 
alone, and that we, ourselves are their only originating causes.

The adept sees and feels and lives in the very source of all fundamental truths.

The universal spiritual essence of nature, Shiva the Creator the destroyer, and the regenerator.

As spiritualists of today have degraded "spirit", so have the Hindus degraded nature by their anthropmorphistic conceptions of it. 

Nature alone can incarnate the spirit of limitless contemplation. 

Absorbed in the absolute self-unconsciousness of physical self.
Plunged in the depths of true being, which is no being but eternal, universal life.

His whole form as impermeable and white as the eternal summits of snow in Kailasa where he sits
Above care, above sorrow, above sin and worldliness, a mendicant, a sage, a healer, the King of Kings, the Yogir of Yogis, such is the ideal Shiva of Yuga Shastras the culmination of spiritual wisdom.

Oh ye ..................what have you done with our philosophy!

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