Tuesday, December 06, 2011

However good

The image

Whether computer generated be it 3-D animation or any other type of image.

They can never be real.

And the virtual world can never be the real world.

This has not stopped millions hiding in virtual games.

So called worlds or other virtual so called realities.

Nothing can replace the hunger for experiencing reality.

Facing reality.
Living in reality.
Interestingly though we are moving faster towards more images in everyday life.

Like the more we want the faster we produce new images.

Images that briefly satisfy.

And once we leave the theatre or screen and hit the streets reality kicks back in again.

Over and over we buy the hype hoping that this new mega ''must be seen'' is the one that truly will...............

Will what?

Give you reality?

Of course it cannot.

An earsatzsz experience sure.

But that something cannot be made real.

Movies and music for example have become progressively more intense, louder, and faster-paced over recent decades.

Computer 3-D animation has brought to fruition the painters' old dream of the perfect image 
Even a moving image, yet the inconvenient fact remains that however perfect, the image can never be real, and the virtual world can never be a real world.
And this phenomenon is not limited to the entertainment media. John Zerzan writes,
Everyone can feel the nothingness, the void, just beneath the surface of everyday routines and securities.
We live in a world of images, of representations, that separate us from real experience; we then try to meet the hunger for reality with yet more images.

The further intensification of dosage is therefore an inevitability.
We can never get enough. 
It is like trying to assuage hunger by chewing gum.

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