Friday, January 06, 2012

Words and their devaluation

We use words to express many things.

Many things that words are fundamentally incapable of expressing.

Notice how many words mean nothing at all.

Many have changed and continue to change.

This is said to be the evolution of language.


Or is something else going on?

Take the word bad in England this word means not good.

In many parts of the US it means really good.

So as they say context is all.

Notice also today how advertising is often non verbal.

Marketing and Public Relations people have trivialised so many words that they mean nothing at all.

New - Luxury - Amazing - Fantastic - Limited offer - Sale - Half price - Fair - Honestly speaking - Sincerely - Super - Mega - Truth.

Most of us have learned to switch off under this barrage of lies.

Young people are turning increasingly to music and other modes of non verbal communication.

Where verbal communication is used it is often short and textually of a private expression.

Twitter, Facebook, utube, even Linkedin where the move is towards music, voice , video anything to expand often trite textual communication.

Music is free as far as the young are concerned, however they will pay for live performances where there is a community of experience, something that adds warmth and community. 

Meanwhile the spinners and liars continue to bombard us with exhortations to buy, consume and believe in their stories.

Their words becoming more devalued by the day.

Interesting journey the devaluation of words.

Where to next?

Not clear yet, however words as abused today are losing their value that's for sure.
And where we can no longer trust words.
Can no longer trust.

Maybe this is why so many people rely more and more on the advice and knowledge of their friends.

At least with your friends you can trust them.

Their words still have some power.
Words have become ear candy.
Just noise.
Sound bites.

Twisting, trivialising.
Poor words.
Poorer us.

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