Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cold and flu

What happens if you scrupulously quarantine yourself from any contact with the cold virus?

Well, the cold and damp internal climate persists indefinitely until one eventually gets in.
Or until something worse happens.

As evidence for this conjecture, consider the simple fact that most people feel better after getting over a cold or flu than they did before they got sick.

You would think they'd be weakened.
But no, they often feel revitalized.

Traditional Chinese Medicine lends further support to this theory in the adage:

If you don't get little illnesses, someday you'll get a big one.

If somehow the housecleaning functions of colds and flu are not allowed to operate.
The toxins or energy imbalances build up and result in major illness.

Perhaps it would be different in an absolutely pristine environment.
But the toxicity of modern lifestyles and environment means that today, occasional illness is a sign of health.

Provided that the symptoms aren't life-threatening.
I let them fully express in my body.

Cold and flu medications thwart the very purpose for which our bodies invite in these germs.

It is much better to support the process and give your body the resources it needs to see it through safely.

What those resources are depends on the nature of the illness
And a qualified healer might help you figure out what they are.
But invariably rest and quiet are required.

Convalescing also gives us a chance to clean out "psychic toxins" along with physical ones.
The stress, worries and busy-ness of everyday life.
Think twice before taking any flu shots.

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