Monday, May 28, 2012

A better way of thinking

Today modern man looks at resources as possessions.

There was a time when man looked at resources as gifts.

Today somebody somewhere claims to own everything.

From water to land to everything above and below it.

The thinking being that all things are fundamentally ours.

Devoid of any obligation.

When we look at things as gifts then by contrast they generate obligation.

Whether we are speaking of a traditional gift-giving social network.

Or the gifts of life.

Of fortune.

And talent.

When we use these gifts selfishly we experience a discomfort.

This in turn creates an anxiety that fuels and encourages even more acquiring, taking, and owning.

One way or another we have to break this cycle of greed and mindless grabbing.

That it does not bring peace of mind is clear.

That we can break this pattern is only just becoming conscious.

First it was important for all to see how greed destroys.

How corruption is destroying those societies and cultures where it is allowed to rage unchecked.

Societies where Kings and Princes, Dictators and Presidents for life reign supreme.

The time is now upon us where these be confronted.

Confronted for their greed and abuse of the rights of their people.

Rights that all humans should enjoy.

Could enjoy.

The right to reasonable chances in life.

Sick greedy people need to be challenged for their mindless grabbing.
Hang on a minute their own greed is hurrying them to a time of change.
Not one they want however inherent in greed is the seed of its own destruction.
And while they have been busy grabbing and stealing the arch grabbers the bankers have been going at it in overdrive.
Such is the inertia inherent in this drive that we are on the brink of real change.
Then we can say goodbye to many of them.
Watch your own motives though.
Make sure they are not greedy ones as well.

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