Friday, August 31, 2012


  ‘Mahatma (Mahatman, Sanskrit)  “Great soul” or “great self” is the meaning of this compound word (maha, “great”; atman, “self”).

The mahatmas are perfected men, relatively speaking, known in theosophical literature as teachers, elder brothers, masters, sages, seers, and by other names. ...

They are men, not spirits – men who have evolved through self-devised efforts in individual evolution, always advancing forwards and upwards until they have now attained the lofty spiritual and intellectual human supremacy that now they hold. ...

They possess knowledge of nature’s secret processes, and of hid mysteries, which to the average man may seem to be little short of the marvelous ...
‘Especially are they called teachers because they are occupied in the noble duty of instructing mankind, in inspiring elevating thoughts, and in instilling impulses of forgetfulness of self into the hearts of men.

Also are they sometimes called the guardians, because they are, in very truth, the guardians of the race and of the records – natural, racial, national – of past ages, portions of which they give out from time to time as fragments of a now long-forgotten wisdom.

When the world is ready to listen to them; and they do this in order to advance the cause of truth and of genuine civilization founded on wisdom and brotherhood.
Never – such is the teaching – since the human race first attained self-consciousness has this ... brotherhood of exalted men been without its representatives on our earth.
And yes they are still here unknown to modern man except in very rare circumstances.

Their work does not need them to be known to the public.

Seldom is it helpful for them to be known to the public.

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Alexandra said...

the last sentence, is it correct, that a public position would be helpful? Or is it that it would "not" be helpful?