Saturday, September 29, 2012

Summing up

Would you like to sum up?

There is one divine essence –

boundless consciousness-life-substance-space

which is unborn and undying, unfathomable and ineffable.

Within the shoreless expanses of abstract space there are numberless concrete world-systems repeatedly coming into being and passing away,

in never-ending cycles of activity and rest,

and these worlds are composed of,

and provide the playground for the evolution of,

countless hierarchies of beings,

at every conceivable stage of evolutionary awakening,

which are gradually learning and growing and unfolding their inner potential,

periodically descending into matter,

gaining knowledge and experience,

and reascending to spirit,

through world after world,

plane upon plane,

constantly expanding in consciousness and understanding,

endlessly and limitlessly,

for ever and ever . . .

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