Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kids on planes

It is always entertaining to read the comments of outraged parents at being expected that their offspring should behave on a plane.

Or anywhere else for that matter
So, to redress the balance here are some thoughts

If a child is badly behaved or noisy in public or on a plane it is because the parent has raised it poorly.

Bluntly stated the parent is incompetent. 

It is not the child's fault.

Perhaps sadly, no-one has to pass a fitness-for-parenthood exam before breeding.
For example, foolish parents energize their children before flying.

Allowing them caffeine and sugar stuffed sodas along with junk food and sugar filled soft drinks.

A sedative would be more appropriate for flying.

Foolish parents do not think to bring games or video viewers on flights.

For a flight, your child should be tired; not "hyper". 

It's your fault if they are not.

Or if they are bored.
Few sights are sadder than new parents on a plane utterly bewildered as to why their child is screaming with no clue what to do about it. 

Learn before you fly please. 

Naturally sedate.
New parents may not realize that many babies die every year in typically exotic holiday destinations.

Babies can get very poorly very quickly and such places may be many hours from proper medical care. 

Think about it is your trip really necessary now?
Your child will have a happier flight if it has a more competent parent.

So will all the other passengers.

Even if you have no interest in that.

So do us all a favor and try to become more competent parents.

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