Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Little things

Upsetting each other


Just do one of those little things that drive him/her crazy

Usually these things are done without thought

Carelessly, thoughtlessly.

And there is the flashpoint

That lack of thought set off the fire storm

After lift off when anger consumes you logical rational reasoned discussion is out.

The firestorm must run its course

The other party can try to defend or rationalise

Not much use a firestorm is a firestorm and must run it's course

After is the time to try and make up

But promises leading to the same situation won't do

Simply put if your habit is one that you are not prepared to adjust or think twice about next time  then things must get worse over time

And time it might be maybe months years even but blow again it will

Because you are touching something important to your partner

Obviously it is not the same for you otherwise you would have compromised

And in the end when your partner has had enough it will lead to breakdown or separation

Funny how often something apparently small can lead to the breakdown of a total relationship

Of course if you do care then you will compromise

You will adjust your habit to avoid upsetting or hurting the other partner

In turn your partner is more likely to modify their own habits to help you feel appreciated

One nice gesture leads often to a virtuous cycle of thought and consideration for the other.

Selfish people

Modern people

Might not realise how little things they do can lead to breakdown

Considerate people understand that thoughtfulness and consideration are vital to the health and success of any relationship.

Unfortunately thoughtfulness and consideration are not the hallmarks of most modern young people

Where are you in this picture?

What profile do you have?

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