Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Smiling again

You do smile don't you?

Normal people don't smile

Well people in big cities don't smile.

Too dangerous.

Excuse me?

Too dangerous

So take no risk then

Just sit neutral faced in the metro








In fact most places

Come to think of it where do you smile?

Or is it with whom do you smile?

Do you have a list of people you will smile with.

Sounds silly doesn't it

But when do you smile?

Make it your business to smile more

In easy times I suppose we might smile more

Did you?

We have just come out of the easy times

In tough times like those we are in now smiling is more necessary

So please smile more

It helps us feel better

It helps others too

Make smiling an in activity you are supporting

It's not just weirdos who smile

Well it shouldn't be  

Should it?

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