Friday, January 25, 2013

Want to be somewhere else

Most of us feel this from time to time

Just want to be out of here

To be somewhere else

To see new things

Eat different food maybe

More than anything else though to get away from here

This place I am in now.

Usually this is not possible

Just have to live in our dreams

Reality says stay here and deal with life around you

Not always so easy when the weather is is slushy

Dark and cold

Maybe the weather started it

Just another 'iffy' day

An iffy day for those who don't know is when you wake up and feel down

Negative about everything

Funny things iffy days

If you indulge them then you get more of them

Maybe it's the iffy day that gets you wanting to be anywhere else

Maybe just the idea of sun or snow or something else


Just restless

Wanting to leave everything

What is going on then?

Not really unhappy with my life

Not really too excited either

Just feeling restless

Not even down so much

Maybe it's the endless routine of it all

Repetition of everything in my life

Endless repetitions

Not that even

OK what then?

Need to break my patterns

Need for stimulus

Need for refreshing things

Yes all that's true

But underneath is something else

Shitty world so much wrong with it

Not the planet that was doing just fine until we came along

Maybe the utter corruption of so many things

Local corruption

Then all those greedy pathetic politicians

Bankers and business men




Marketing and advertising people

God the list could go on for ever

Just sick of the lies

Tired of the pretense

Surely time to say it as it is?

Maybe time for me to get involved

Doesnt have to be on the global stage

Just get involved in something you care about

funny thing when we do get involved those iffy days come along less often

Life is not a spectator sport even though you might be acting as if it is.

Play your part get involved

Banish iffy days!

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