Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Experts today

Many  scientists, extremely enlightened on some special point of science.

Take it upon themselves the right of pronouncing arbitrarily their judgement on all things.

And are ready to reject everything new which shocks their own ideas.

For the sole reason that if it were true they could not remain ignorant of it.

It is a sign of relative inferiority to believe oneself superior.

In truth there are many scientists and intellectuals with large gaps in their knowledge base.

Many of these who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields, would fail dismally in others.

We can observe that these men and women have a lucid or comfort zone.

Indeed we all have such zones to a greater or lesser degree.

The sad thing is when experts (as the media like to call so many today) pontificate on areas outside their comfort zones when it is clear that they are talking rubbish.

Time to notice when such are wheeled forth as authorities on this that and the other.

Too many so called experts are anything but.

Too many new organisations lazily interview their tame 'experts'.

Too many offer simplistic 'sound bites'

This is our world today.

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