Saturday, March 09, 2013

Brave man

The Russian author has publicly stated what many Russians feel
Shishkin initially accepted the invitation to the major world book fair, but has now changed his mind, "not because 'my schedule doesn't permit it', but out of ethical considerations", he has written in a letter to the agency.
Russia's political development, and the events of last year in particular, have created a situation in the country that is absolutely unacceptable and demeaning for its people and its great culture, writes Shishkin. 
What is happening in my country makes me, as a Russian and a citizen of Russia, ashamed. 
By taking part in the book fair as part of the official delegation and taking advantage of the opportunities presented to me as a writer, 
I am simultaneously taking on the obligations of being a representative of a state whose policy I consider ruinous for the country and of an official system I reject.
He wrote that "a country where power has been seized by a corrupt, criminal regime, 
Where the state is a pyramid of thieves, 
Where elections have become farce, 
Where courts serve the authorities, not the law, 
Where there are political prisoners, 
Where state television has become a prostitute, 
Where packs of impostors pass insane laws that are returning everyone to the Middle Ages – 
Such a country cannot be my Russia".
Shishkin wants instead to represent  another Russia, 
My Russia, a country free of impostors, 
A country with a state structure that defends the right of the individual, 
Not the right to corruption 
A country with a free media 
Free elections,
And free people, he wrote in his letter.

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