Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life changes

Are often about events such as divorce, new job, marriage, children and the like

Sometimes about disasters and we have had plenty of these globally recently

In fact we continue to do so

The one that intrigues me at the moment though is the internet and what it means to our lives.

People sitting on benches head down in their phones, tablets or electronic devices.

Oblivious of the nature or world around them.

People in buses cars, planes, trains heads down again

Wherever humans are people are using their devices.

Such a change was unforeseeable only a short time ago.

No one saw the degree to which these devices have changed human behaviour.

Across the planet human behaviour is and has changed.

From young to old

Maybe less so with the old but certainly the young have embraced the internet and these new devices with great enthusiasm.

A couple of thoughts occur.

These devices are literally changing our young

They are device literate before they are five years old.

Their brains are being used differently.

Creativity is changing because they are occupied with their internet world.

They are not learning creativity in the way previous generations have.

They have not learnt to go from boredom to creativity

They are immersed in facebook, twitter and the like which in themselves are changing behaviour.

Many are cut off from the world around them by their music and other audio devices.

Not hearing or relating to that world

Yes one can argue that there are many pluses

What cannot be denied is that this new use of the internet is changing us and our understanding of lilfe

Changing our young

They do not get their information from parents in the same way

Parents are not the same authority figures

Good or bad?

Probably both

A fact our young know more than we did at the same age

Their exposure to information is vastly greater than ours was

The type of information is also different

Global information is the norm today

Bad news every day from somewhere

Fact is we are all seeing the same information wherever we are

Granted some is filtered and manipulated

Problem is we do not know which is manipulated

The great fashion horror show gives us a clue though

Few if any magazine pictures of young women are not photo shopped.

Young women are given such a false idea of the ideal

Young emaciated women presented as the ideal

Millions of young women being manipulated to believe that this is beauty

Society apparently powerless to change this situation

Then again there are other aspects of this change that so far is going without comment

Most of us are living under a high frequency net above our heads

A net that makes most feel tired

A tiredness that people put down to any number of reasons but never this one

When will we notice?

Maybe never as it is not in the interests of many people that we become aware of this.

There are of course many other aspects of this change in our lives that are as yet not observable

We can only watch as the genie is now well and truly out of the bottle

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