Thursday, April 11, 2013

How things are

More and more of our life is tied to satellites. 

Unnoticed by most of us.

We just use our smart phones and other devices unthinking of the manner in which information is brought to us.

And we are told this is only the beginning.

Cars, planes, ships our houses everything is being wired up, connected to ever more complex systems.


Yes, certainly while they all work.

Not so smart when they go wrong.

Ever tried finding money when the ATM's around you are down?

Ever tried finding food when the supermarket is un-stocked for whatever reason?

And when the garage has no petrol.

And the phone lines are down, the mobile network crashes.

Not so clever then is it?

This interdependence carries with it the almost absolute certainty that one day it will crash for whatever reason.

And as we have said before maybe we have to go this way to understand that total interdependence is not the best way.

Money trumps all other discussion at the moment

Has done for some considerable time now.

Not the best way to find better or best solutions

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