Sunday, April 14, 2013

How things are


Enjoy them while you can

Many species are on the brink of extinction

The thousands of years old fish 'food chain' is broken with the consequences already being felt

Increasing numbers of jellyfish swarms being a case in point as their natural predators have been killed and fished to near extinction.

We have all read how modern radar allows fishing fleets to find and scoop up vast quantities of fish

Some nets are miles long.

Most of these nets also catch other things as well 

Fish that are then cut lose and thrown over the side, dead or dying

No sea is immune

Fishing fleets going ever further to find the remaining fish.

Modern radar unerringly guiding them to the fish.

There are good ideas to preserve fish stocks.

These are ignored.

Watered down.

Endlessly delayed

National governments fight to preserve their quotas.

Fish industry lobby's pile on the pressure to preserve the right to eliminate fish stocks.

Asian fishing fleets ignore or are not party to restraints on fishing

Fishing bodies and the UN are unwilling or unable to resist fish industry lobby pressure groups..

So enjoy fish while you can.

Notice also the increasing numbers of farmed fish on sale today

By definition these are subjected to antibiotics and other aids to growth and disease prevention.

Just as are the meats we buy.

Come to think of it what do we know about any of the food stuffs we eat?

Not very much really given recent food supply chain scandals

Keep your food choices simple

What a world!

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