Saturday, April 06, 2013

How things can be - Electrical

Imagine all things electrical go down


Do not work

That is

Your house.

No fridge

No lights

No heating or cooling

No computers

No tv, radio, yes them too because they need power to transmit

No charging devices

No petrol

No ATM's or cash machines

No large stores

No anything much

How would you cope?

What would you do?

Why do I say this?

Because there is a good chance that sometime in the coming years that you will experience some or all of this.

Try going without the above and see how you experience life


Because when communications, the staple of modern life go down then life is very different

Law and order can rapidly change

Barter becomes necessary

Other people become important to us.

Can we adjust?

Can we survive?

Some will some won't

Some will be prepared

Which type are you?

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