Thursday, May 16, 2013


So we all like comfortable lives

Don't we?

Trouble is nature does not send us here for our comfort

Whatever we might like to think we are here to learn

To learn one or two major lessons in every life

And yes we all have many lives

So while comfort might be enjoyable, it is not what we are here for.

Notice how we usually learn most through pain and our difficult experiences

Often those experiences which are not comfortable.

So enjoy your comfort where and while you can.

And accept that much of life is uncomfortable.

Designed this way to help us learn the most.

Be accepting of this and life becomes more comfortable.

Be angry or irritated by discomfort and more discomfort will come your way.

Simply put as we learn any given lesson nature moves us along

Other different lessons appear.

Want proof?

Look at some men who keep marrying the same (type) woman.

They have learnt nothing. 

So nature gives them the same lesson over and over.

Nature has time and patience.

She is in no hurry.

If you do not feel comfortable with the word nature then try karma.

Whatever the word we use to describe what happens to us the lesson is that life is hard.

Life does present us with difficulties and challenges.

No one avoids their lessons

Rich or poor it does not matter who or what we are.

It might appear that some do not however it is merely that we do not see them receiving just reward for their behaviour

The quicker we learn our lessons the sooner some comfort appears.

Your choice.

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