Thursday, May 23, 2013

Confused or what?

The British people allegedly want to leave the EU

The argument being that EU legislation is a burden and that Britain can better go it alone

These are the same British citizens who regard their politicians as thieving liars

Politicians who the public roundly condemn for ruining the British economy

Who cannot be trusted

Who have monetized everything

Who have ruined what use to be a fair and pleasant land

Into a land of greedy bankers.

A land where only money counts.

And now these same voters want to give their politicians more power

To give these same thieves and liars another chance to steal and lie

Often the only check or balance on British politicians is the EU

British wildlife, sewage, health have all benefited hugely from these checks and balances

Britain does not operate on the European "precautionary principle" whereby you do not approve something for sale until it is proven that it will not cause harm or damage

Britain prefers to support business pretending to operate on "sound science" which is waffle for line my pockets while we can.

The only idea on the economy is growth

Nothing else is being discussed

Britain feels it must continue to spend billions on it's nuclear weapons.

Must continue to ignore discussion of drug issues

Must continue to regard drug use as criminal rather than as a health issue

This means that Britain locks up more of it's young people than most countries except the US  or maybe China.

All these and other issues are kept off the agenda by British politicians, who only engage in discussion when obliged to by the EU.

It does not seem to occur to the British people that over 300 million Europeans would also like the EU to better reflect their interests.

As President Obama said recently why not try to fix it first before talking abouleaving?


Because those controlling the media and politics want it that way.

Who would trust thieving liars with more power?

Apparently my fellow citizens.

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