Sunday, May 19, 2013


You look and wait for some great and astounding occurrence, to show you that you are going to be permitted to enter behind the veil; that you are to be Initiated. 

It will never come. 

He only who studies all things and learns from them, as he finds them, will be permitted to enter, and for him there are no flashing lightnings or rolling thunder. 

He who enters the door, does so as gently and imperceptibly, as the tide rises in the night time.

Live well your life. 

Seek to realize the meaning of every event. 

Strive to find the Ever Living and wait for more light. 

The True Initiate does not fully realize what he is passing through, until his degree is received. 

If you are striving for light and Initiation, remember this, that your cares will increase, your trials thicken, your family make new demands upon you. 

He who can understand and pass through these patiently, wisely, placidly -- may hope.


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