Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Thinking of others

Know then, oh Man, that he who seeks the hidden way, can only find it through the door of life. 

In the hearts of all, at some time, there arises the desire for knowledge. 

He who thinks his desire will be fulfilled, as the little bird in the nest, who has only to open his mouth to be fed; will very truly be disappointed.

In all nature we can find no instance where effort of some kind is not required. 

We find there is a natural result from such effort. 

He who would live the life or find wisdom can only do so by continued effort. 

If one becomes a student, and learns to look partially within the veil, or has found within his own being something that is greater than his outer self, it gives no authority for one to sit down in idleness or fence himself in from contact with the world. 

Because one sees the gleam of the light ahead he cannot say to his fellow "I am holier than thou" or draw the mantle of seclusion around himself.

The soul develops like the flower, in God's sunlight, and unconsciously to the soil in which it grows. 

Shut out the light and the soil grows damp and sterile, the flower withers or grows pale and sickly. 

Each and every one is here for a good and wise reason. 

If we find partially the why we are here, then is there the more reason that we should by intelligent contact with life, seek in it the further elucidation of the problem. 

It is not the study of ourselves so much, as the thought for others that opens this door. 

The events of life and their causes lead to knowledge. 

They must be studied when they are manifested in daily life.

There is no idleness for the Mystic. 

He finds his daily life among the roughest and hardest of the labors and trials of the world perhaps.

But goes his way with smiling face and joyful heart.

Nor grows too sensitive for association with his fellows.

Nor so extremely spiritual as to forget that some other body is perhaps hungering for food or help.


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