Saturday, June 29, 2013

Master on marriage

The doing away with one or certain articles of diet, in itself, will not open the sealed portals. 

If this contained the key, what wise beings must the beasts of the field be, and what a profound Mystic must Nebuchadnezzar have been, after he was "turned out to grass"!

There are some adherents of a faith, which has arisen in the land, who deem it wise to cast away all things that are distasteful to them.

To cut asunder the ties of marriage because they deem it will interfere with their spiritual development.

Or because the other pilgrim is not progressed enough. 

Brothers, there lives not the man who is wise enough to sit as a judge upon the spiritual development of any living being. 

He is not only unwise but blasphemous who say to another: 

"Depart! you impede my exalted spiritual development."

The greatest of all truths lies frequently in plain sight, or veiled in contraries. 

The impression has gone abroad that the Adept or the Mystic of high degree has only attained his station by forsaking the association of his fellow creatures or refusing the marriage tie. 

It is the belief of very wise Teachers that all men who had risen to the highest degrees of Initiation, have at some time passed through the married state. 

Many men, failing in the trials, have ascribed their failure to being wedded.

Precisely as that other coward, Adam, after being the first transgressor cried out "It was Eve."

One of the most exalted of the Divine Mysteries lies hidden here -- therefore, oh Man, it is wise to cherish that which holds so much of God and seek to know its meaning; not by dissolution and cutting asunder, but by binding and strengthening the ties. 

Our most Ancient Masters knew of this and Paul also speaks of it.


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