Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The real work

Labor, at best, is frequently disagreeable owing either to mental or physical repugnance. 

When he who seeks the upward path, begins to find it, labor grows more burdensome, while at the time, he is, owing to his physical condition, not so well fitted to struggle with it. 

This is all true, but there must be no giving in to it. 

It must be forgotten. 

He must work, and if he cannot have the sort he desires or deems best suited to him, then must he take and perform that which presents itself. 

It is that which he most needs. 

It is not intended either, that he do it to have it done. 

It is intended that he work as if it was the object of his life, as if his whole heart was in it. 

Perhaps he may be wise enough to know that there is something else.

Or that the future holds better gifts for him.

Still this also must to all intents be forgotten, while he takes up his labor.

As if there were no tomorrow.

Remember that life is the outcome of the Ever-Living. 

If you have come to comprehend a little of the mystery of life.

And can value its attractions according to their worth.

These are no reasons why you should walk forth with solemn countenance to blight the enjoyments of other men. 

Life to them is as real, as the mystery is to you. 

Their time will come as yours has, so hasten it for them, if you can, by making life brighter, more joyous, better.

If it be your time to fast, put on the best raiment you have, and go forth, not as one who fasts, but as one who lives for life.

Do your sighing and crying within you. 

If you can not receive the small events of life and their meanings without crying them out to all the world, think you that you are fitted to be trusted with the mysteries?


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