Saturday, July 20, 2013


How can we prepare? 

We cannot prepare. 

But we are being prepared

Prepared for what?

Whatever comes our way

Every day

Many days no obvious change

Some days the unexpected

Then you find out how you were being prepared

When it happens

That unexpected event occurs

Now you understand what all those hours were for

And that is how it is

All the lessons we have ever learnt over many lives have made us what we are today

Not some of them

All of them

Good and bad

Tough and also pleasant ones

So that we get better at things as we go along

Some try to duck or avoid those that they do not like

Nature might indulge you for a while

Maybe even for a lifetime

However at some point we have to face those difficult ones

So where am I going with this?

Simple build discipline into your life

Face whatever comes your way

Do not duck or dive, that is avoiding things you do not like

Deal with whatever nature presents because once you have learnt that lesson you can move on.

Other lessons will come your way for sure

But that database of experience you are building will help you deal with new challenges more easily

So this is my way of saying the apparently hard way is really the easier way

Get it?

We are being prepared each and every day, did we but have the wit to see it.

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