Friday, April 21, 2006

A list

Evil at the current human level of consciousness is very, very real.

Life is easier when we know what we are facing so here is a list of characteristics that evil people often manifest.

Me, myself and I is all they care about
No sense of humor
Always right
Never wrong
Cannot laugh at themselves

No loyalty

No real friends
No interest in anything other than themselves
Use others
Long long memories
Enjoy revenge
Only talk about self
Lie smoothly and easily
Lie even when they do not need to
Lie when confronted with anything
Blame others when caught out
Shift responsibility
Smooth tongue when they want something
Very persuasive
Ugly comments behind your back
Always want more
Never satisfied
Want power

Want money
Need adulation
Ego driven

In these politically correct times the word evil is not used very much, however if people you know fit many of the above characteristics then what word do you use to describe them?

Say it as it is!

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