Thursday, April 20, 2006

Little by little

We are beginning to see that the real me is not my body, is not my mind, it is beyond, way beyond both.

Question, how do I find this me?

Move beyond mind for a start, learn to meditate it's the only known way to begin controlling mind.

A simple meditation such as a vipassana meditation is fine.

Every day but every day.

Mind will not believe you are serious unless you do this every day.

If you can do this then one day you will find yourself beyond mind.

This will show you beyond any argument or discussion that it exists, the me beyond mind that is.

Once you have experienced this once you can find it again because you know that it exists.

Good luck and yes it is difficult.

And yes it is more worth while than anything else you can ever do on this planet.


Because it is pure love, pure beauty.

Yes truly, so little by little is the only way.

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Anonymous said...

thank you this was needed today

love A