Thursday, May 11, 2006

At the end of all our illusions

No sight of any future.
Nothing is open to us any longer.
Too old.
No job.
No money.
Nowhere to go.
No one cares.

This is when things really test us and this is when we learn so much about ourselves.

For some sleep is the only release.
Others drink or smoke or take drugs, pills whatever.
Some argue, fight, whinge, complain, rail against the unfairness of life.
Some die.
Some keep pretending.

Maybe best if we accept that this is how it is.

Live each day as it comes along.

Then again it takes time to adjust that there is nowhere to go and that no one wants you.

Lots of time in fact until we realise that this is it, there is no rescue.

Can we face that we are left to ourselves and that no one is interested in us?

Can we find a way to accept this?

Scream if you want, no one cares.

Just play it through to the end that's all.

No threat here just how it will be for many whatever your wealth.

Way out?

As all the teachings say it's inside you not out there.

Let go of should be, could be.

Ask for forgiveness for all the bad you have done.

Do something nice for someone every day.

It is as it is so enjoy the beauty of this world, your eyes can only see what your mind allows.

Tell your mind to go walkabout, let your senses help you find beauty.

Stay in the moment there is little harm in the present moment.

Smile, you are paying your karma, next time will be better, next life that is.

May the end of your days be with peace of mind.

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