Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Constant motion

Business: colleagues, long hours, stress, tension, boredom, frustration politics run - run - run.
Partner: wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, talk - talk - argue - fight - conciliation - breakup.
Drive: stop, start, sit, sit, go, petrol, insurance, fine, pay - pay - pay.
Eat: swallow, chew, talk, drink, take away, gaining weight.
Sleep: pill, toss and turn, nightmare, lie awake, dreams, ever tired, waking tired.
Play: TV, movie, more hype, dvd, drugs, sex, smoke, alcohol, disappointment, let down all alone.
Exercise: golf, tennis, squash, cycle, swim, walk, sweat, feel good, feel pain, repetition.
Illness: doctor, shrink, diagnosis, consultations, pills, worry, decline.
Money: never enough worry - worry - worry.

Nowhere on this list is there interest or room for

Sitting still.
Getting in touch with ourselves
Feeling harmony with nature.

Nowhere do we make time.

Time drives us and the days, weeks and months fly by.

One day you may wonder where did it all go?

Thought you had something to say.

Did you?

There is no tomorrow.

Get it right today.

Find time for yourself today.

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