Monday, December 25, 2006

Mmmmm - 36

Speaking of early Christians:

It is evident that with the exception of Paul and Clement of Alexandria, who had both been initiated into the mysteries,none of the Church Fathers knew much of the truth themselves.

They were mostly uneducated, ignorant people; and if such as Augustine or Lactantius, or again the Venerable Bede and others,were so painfully ignorant until the time of Galileo of the most vital truths taught in the Pagan temples -

of the rotundity of the earth, for example, leaving the heliocentric system out of the question -

How great must have been the ignorance of the rest!

Learning and sin were synonymous with the early Christians.

Hence the accusations of dealing with the Devil lavished upon the Pagan Philosophers.

But truth must out.

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