Sunday, August 13, 2006

10 = 1

Yes it is true 10 good things equals 1 bad.

How we feel sometimes when our partner gets upset over some little thing and goes on and on, doubling the alleged offence with every sentence.

What about all those good things that we've done then?

No matter this thing here was wrong, bad, thoughtless, clumsy, careless.

Yes, it probably was, and so?

Whoops don't go down that road it is very dangerous because what is going on has often nothing to do with the incident.

It has to do with feelings.

Yup, men often focus on the event and women the attitude, feelings.

So walk carefully around issues that become serious in no time at all.

Because the good things do not count when your partner wants you to be guilty.

10 = 1 in fact.

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