Monday, August 14, 2006

Sitting in traffic

How do you spend your time?

You can listen to inane DJ's.

Learn a language.

Talk endlessly on your mobile phone.

Put your make up on.

Eat something.

Smoke something.

Listen to sports news.

Alternatively you could try to learn how to control your mind.

And why would you want to do this?

Because it helps reduce stress.

It chills you out.

So to start doing this, turn off the radio, cell phone and other distractions.

Relax your gaze. while putting your driving on autopilot.

Now hear your own breathing.

To yourself say in on the in breathe and out on the out breath.

Any time your thoughts drift off bring them back.

Anytime your mind interrupts you tell it to leave you alone.

Do this for five minutes or so per day without fail.

If you do this irregularly then your mind will not believe that you are serious.

If you stick with it then one day you will find that you are not thinking.


Once you know this is possible then practice in other places too.

Expand the time you can control your thoughts.

Go into this mode whenever under pressure.

Not easy, takes time, maybe months or more likely years.

However the pay back is for life.

In fact it is your life.

A better life, less stress.

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