Thursday, August 10, 2006

Maybe yes, maybe no

Are you one of these people who cannot make up their minds?

If not then maybe you know some who are indecisive.

Just an idea for today.

Indecision and insecurity come from several sources one of which is not knowing yourself.

If you are clear about yourself then decision making is easier.

So start learning about yourself.

We are all responsible for ourselves so time to take responsibility for yourself.

Be clear today about what you are doing.

Notice your choices, check that you truly want whatever it is.

Build an inventory of yourself.

What you like, what you do not like.

Be honest is it habit or because you truly like it?

Get rid of those where it is habit.

Hold only those you truly like.

This is just step one of learning to know yourself.

Having said that it will still take some time.

So do not give up.

The rewards of being clearer with yourself are worth it.

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