Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Role model - Male

The idea of Stallone, Willis, Schwartzenneger and other macho types as heroes or role models seems like a throwback to another era.

What woman in her right mind would want a psychopathic killer as a friend, let alone partner.

Yet this is what Hollywood keeps giving us.

However it does raise an interesting question, is there such a thing today as a male role model?

Most men presented for this position are one or two dimensional types and surely fail when we go beyond the media hype.

Can it be that we are tired of the current values and the rubbish thrown up?

Let us look in different places then maybe we can find some more interesting males.

Who knows we might even find a role model.

Or then again maybe we have had enough of the illusion of perfection.

Better no more role models.

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