Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moment of madness 2........3

As we said find the causes that trigger our outbursts.

They rest in our fears, and these are not easily found.

Because they are deep down.

Some clues though.

"I am not good enough".

"I am not lovable".

"Nobody likes me".

These thoughts have been with you since early childhood.

You adopted your life strategy around this idea or worry.


We adopt such strategies because we need to survive when we feel attacked.

By adopting this strategy we learn to avoid pain, conflict and make our way through life.

So for sure our fears are buried deeply.

You will probably need help to be honest with yourself and get at them.

Start looking now though.

What is your life strategy?

Who knows you well enough to help you get at your fears?

Not easy but if you do not try then nature will force you at some point.

Those moments of madness will continue

Better be pro-active.

Good luck!

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