Friday, August 25, 2006

Second chance

Often we do not realise that we have been given a second chance.

In our lives we wonder about our decisions with partners.

Partners we could have had.

Partners we didn't have.

Partners we might have had.

Partners we should have had


Nothing can help, they are gone.

Just a dream, another I wish, I could have had.

Today is your experience and if you want to improve anything then do it today.

Want another partner then start actions today.

There is no way you can have your second chance or even recognise it if all your energy is still focused on what if or I could have had.

Keep your focus on now and make changes now if that is what you want.

This is your second chance now not in fantasies about what might or could have been.

We create our second chances by our actions today.

Work towards your second chance based on the greater knowledge you have today.

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