Friday, September 01, 2006

Sad people

Notice how many women need to wear flashy clothing and draw attention to themselves, beyond the norm that is.

Certainly some are "ladies of the night".

Others are those creatures who desperately need attention.

Who almost shout "look at me".

If a man does then she greats his attention with arrogant disdain.

What is her game?

All on the surface

Looks are all.

Material possessions the goal.

Nothing else, sadly there is nothing inside.

Just tinsel wrappings on the outside, emptiness inside.

Question why does the world pay attention to such empty people?

Could it be that we are living in the last days of Rome?

Are our lives so empty that we care about what these empty people say do or buy?

Apparently for many the answer is yes.

And you do you care about what they say think or do?

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