Saturday, September 02, 2006

Living with lies

Anyone listening to pronouncements by government spokesmen about any recent situation has to wonder about the truth of what they are being told.

Is it more lies?

Is it partial lies?

Is it partial truth?

We will never know.

What we do know though is that governments repeatedly lie to us.

That there are precious few morals and ethics in politics.

This being the case form your own opinion based on moral and ethical logic.

You are responsible for your own understanding of any given situation.

Form your own opinions.

The more humans have moral and ethical clarity the more able we are to know our position on any given issue.

The more we are clear ourselves the more governments can be put on notice that we are tired of their hypocrisy and lies.

They may live with lies, we do not have to.

Lies are not acceptable.

Do not accept lies.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Antony,

I love you for all the insights given and all the future ones, they help to feel good about that better future approaching and being an active part in it.

Yours, always A